All our coffees are specialty Arabica. Considered a flawless coffee, all our beans are above 84 SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) points.
Additionally, Arabica coffee goes through a very strict selection process. Only those beans that are considered perfect are selected.
Arabica coffee
is our passion
Arabica beans are grown at high altitudes and in temperate climates, and are sweeter and more aromatic.
Our coffees comes from small producers
Most of our coffee is certified organic.

Our coffee is highly tracked, selected from certified producers, and we practice fair trade.
To ensure quality and freshness, we roast our coffees by hand in small daily batches. Our roasting processes are optimized to ensure that all our coffees are delivered as fresh as possible, either to our customers or to our coffeeshops.

Our coffees are all single origin, respecting the identity of the producers we work with. We treat all our coffees with equal care, creating a customized roasting profile for each one, highlighting the sensory characteristics of each bean.
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