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We ask you to read carefully this Privacy Policy, where we detail all the practices regarding the collection and treatment of your Personal Data. The Policy explains, to Simpli clients, how your Personal Data are collected, where we use them and how we disclose them by the company’s entities. We also explain how clients can access and update their Personal Data and how they want it to be handled. If the customer does not have the necessary Data, Simpli will inform them when they are required. Otherwise, Simpli will not be able to provide its service/product.

Simpli’s Privacy Policy contains the following information:

  1. Sources of Personal Data;
  2. Personal Data collected by Simpli;
  3. Disclosure of Personal Data;
  4. Access to the Customer’s Personal Data. 
  1. Sources of Personal Data

In this topic applies all Personal Data of Simpli’s clients that have been entered in the following sources:

  • Website: Website is directed to Simpli’s consumer through the domain itself. It can be accessed through links used in third-party social networks such as Facebook.
  • App: Mobile application where consumers can enjoy Simpli’s services/products and place their orders.
  • Email: Communication between Simpli and the client from the moment he enters his data in the “Newsletter”.
  • Stores: Simpli entities present in physical stores to assist the client in the acquisition of products and services.
  • Customer-generated content: The content that the customer shares and subsequently identifies Simpli on third-party social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, such as photographs, videos, personal stories or other types of content. This, when allowed, will be collected and published as part of different activities among them promotions, feedback and general consumer interaction.


  1. Personal Data collected by Simpli

The Personal Data that Simpli collects depends on how the consumer interacts with the entity (online, offline, on the phone, etc.). These will be collected as described below.

  • Personal data and contact: This data is provided by the customer so that Simpli can get in touch such as name, postal address, email and phone number.
  • Account access information: The information that the customer needs to access the account profile. This includes email address and password set by the customer.
  • Interest and demographic information: The information that describes the demographic characteristics of the customer where you may enter information such as date of birth, age, gender, and demographic location (GPS system usage). 
  • Website/Communications Information: The client when browsing Simpli’s websites or newsletters, it automatically collects data to complete information about the client. The information will be which links you visit, pages and contents you view, how long is the response time of the pages and possible download errors.
  • Consumer feedback survey: Information that the customer voluntarily shares with Simpli about his experience on the use of services and products.


  1. Disclosure of Personal Data;

Disclosure of Personal Data is only permitted when you give consent, such as when you authorize access to your account on the Website or App. When necessary, we will use certain information such as email.

  • Disclosure between members: It helps that all information about the customer is the same across all platforms so there is no discrepancy in the Data. When an order is placed, certain information is shared with the person responsible such as name, address, email, mobile number and other information that is needed to complete the order.


  1. Access to Customer Personal Data;

The Customer’s Personal Data, entered by the Customer at the Create Account stage, is stored on a platform. Data such as name, address, e-mail and cell phone number are available to the responsible entities. Information such as password, credit card numbers will not be available and are not necessary for us to contact you.

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