Simpli Coffee group opened its fifth space in Lisbon

At Largo da Anunciada 20, a new concept of Simpli Group is born.

Known for its Speciality Coffee, Simpli embodies in this new
space all its assets. It has developed an exclusive menu that is
divided between breakfast & brunch, lunch, and dinner. It is the
first space of the group to be open for dinners. The menu takes
you on a culinary journey where flavors of the sea and land are
present and dishes are made to be shared with friends and
family. At the same time, it presents its clients with 100%
Arabica Speciality Coffee, and you may be lucky enough to see
the roasting process live, as the room is open to the public.

Simpli coffee
& Kitchen
Simpli Group - with stores in Braamcamp, Picoas, Baixa Chiado, and Rosa Araújo - took a risk on a new concept in Largo da Anunciada, where it unites the Arabic Speciality Coffee with brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktails.

Thus, on August 17th, 2022, the new Simpli Coffee & Kitchen space was born. As the saying goes - "slow and steady wins the race", this was Simpli's starting point. There was a soft opening for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and today the working hours have been extended: from 8:30 am until 10 pm.
And why a
new concept?
Already well known for its Speciality Coffee,its delicious pastries, fresh bakery, and brunch, this new concept takes us to a bolder and, at the same time, traditional lunch and dinner menu.

It is a menu with seasonal products that will be adapted according to the hot and cold months. Throughout the year it will be changed according to the season and seasonal products will always be the main focus.
The team is led by Chef Lima, who says "We respect the raw ingredients and the way they are served at the table."

Focused on traditional Portuguese cuisine and good times at the table, the menu is Simpli, but bold.

It aims to promote sharing dishes among friends and family and highlights the foods that define our gastronomy: pica-pau, Portuguese sausages and cheeses, octopus, and traditional codfish.

Every Thursday, exclusively, the cuisine receives Japanese influences. Sushi is a special of the week, although the house menu is available at the same time.

Chef Lima, Simpli Coffee & Kitchen

But the new concept does not stop with the menu. Due to the growth of the group and increased interest in Speciality Coffee, the brand was forced to increase its roasting capacity. The first and smaller machine is on display at Simpli Coffee Picoas. The one that inaugurated the Braamcamp store, is on display in the same space - which has been recently renovated and moved next door. And the latest acquisition, a Portuguese-made Joper Roaster, has a roasting capacity of 15 kilos and is on display at Simpli Coffee & Kitchen, in Largo da Anunciada.

So you can choose whether you want to drink your coffee overlooking the restaurant or overlooking the room where the machine is located. If you are lucky and have excellent timing you can watch the roasting process live, and the cupping (which refers to the coffee tasting and quality evaluation stage before packaging). If you want to know more, just ask the Barista on duty to show you to the room.
THE Natural
The decoration will always be based on natural materials. The brand has already gotten us used to wood and plants. But in this space three elements will not leave anyone indifferent:

The sliced ceiling.

The wall of glasses.

The Bottle Counter

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